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Candy Zone logo.
Gondola header sign with a "Big Top Circus" theme.
Gondola Endcap Signs applied to the main aisle and shelves.
Gondola aisle signs representing 3 of the 6 types of candy: Chewy & Fruity, Theater Box Candy and Candy Dish.
Gondola aisle signs applied to the aisle with shelves.
Candy Zone Environmental Signage

Illustrated and designed environmental signage 4'(w) x 3'(l) for a Dollar Tree test market store featuring the candy sold by the company. Using an overall circus theme developed within a team of 3, the candy was classified into 6 themed categories, stylized to appeal to children of all ages and sectioned off within the store, to make the department more exciting, “shopper- friendly” and exclusive.

Tracey Taylor
Senior Packaging Production Designer at Bed Bath & Beyond NJ