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What I can do... • Engage in human centred design and plan research informing an objective- oriented product development plan, e.g. recruiting users, experts. •Conduct external benchmarking to inform the design research plan and product design. •Develop profiles and target users for research recruiting and design development. •Experiment with different tools e.g .eye tracking, biokit eeg etc.and use methods to execute on research plans •Conduct field observation, conversations with experts and extreme users, concept generation and concept evaluation, and participatory design to explore the prototypes. •Utilise qualitative and quantitative techniques for generating actionable insights and design action plans, on an individual and team level. •Partner with designers to develop visual aids for research, e.g.storyboards. •Work with the design and engineering teams to create research stimuli/concepts to deeply understand user needs, uncover possibilities, and test proposals/assumptions. •Facilitate research events such as co-creation workshops. •Synthesise research findings in to frameworks and deliver design briefs for recommendations. •Develop personas, user profiles and marketing segments and design principles for product-user specific scenarios. •Work with the team to test concepts and prototypes, and help the team iterate the design based on user feedback. PhD,MSc,MA


http://www.dijimecmua.com/flash/index.php?id=1090&page=104 http://www.scuoladesign.com/gallery/transportation-car-design-master/2010/lambo1/Hernandez_Tugra_Velet/?lang=it

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