I am a robot designer. I design, fabricate, and sell a line of industrial UGV's for a wide range of Industrial applications. I have built robotic platforms, for Mercedez Benz, General motors, Sharp Electronics and Raytheon to name a few. I have over 25 years of work experience in a variety of industries (Robotics, Industrial Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Photography, Fine Art, Computer Graphics and Video Production). Please feel free to contact me at info@inspectorbots.com or take a look at the robotic platforms at www.inspectorbots.com


Nominated for the Index Award 2011 Published in Top Gear, Robot Magazine, Signal and Wired Magazine Finalist in the 2010 IQ Awards Designed, built and sold dozens of Robots around the world, including a custom build for General Motors Proving Grounds.



Experience & Education