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Ravishing Revealed - This was an ad pitched to a local salon that was looking to attract college students.
Go Play Page - This was a directory page of sorts for a publication that prints twice a year and is distributed to local college campuses. It's a guide to all things fun and food (and alcohol)
Own The Dance Floor - This ad was pitched to a local dance school that was looking to attract college students to sign up for classes.
Sugar Bowl - What would you do if you were told you had to design an ad for a local pizza hangout and you could do absolutely anything that you wanted to? Me too! This ad went into a publication designed to be distributed on college campuses as a guide to all things fun and food (and alcohol).
A Loaf Of Bread - An ad for a local bakery that makes super delicious breads and pastries. They also have a few deli style things as well including coffee and sandwiches (it's the vegetarian soup options that I really like).

I worked way too long on the steam from the coffee. It would have been so much easier to just hand illustrate them, but for some reason I insisted on getting all the curves right in Illustrator.
Bubba's Breakaway - This is a sub(marine) and cheese steak place well-known by college students. Who doesn't love silly hand-drawn elements? These are they type of doodles you would do on your paper place mat while eating your drunken, late night, cheese steak.
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Uriah Arbogast
Art Director at Clipper Magazine Lancaster, PA