Creative design has been a lifelong love of mine, and a career, for many years. A gold and silver medal winner, and a Graduate in Interior Design, Sydney and a Diploma in Textile Design, Mumbai. I have showcased my Chinese painting collection which was inspired by Nature in Delhi. Being featured in Inside Outside magazine and Indian Architect and Builder, my designs showcase my creative talent and my uniqueness which appeal to my clients. Creativity, in my opinion, has no boundaries. My work is centred around human sensibilities and can be felt through my creative expressions, my paintings, my photography, in my landscaping and through my spatial functional spaces.


Diploma in Textile Designing I.B.H Gold Medal for Best Printing Campaign 2nd Order of Merit in Maharashtra I.B.H Silver Medal for best 2D Design Sr. M. Braganza prize for All Round Performance for all 3 years

Experience & Education