Home Art Studio

An Art Studio & Library Designed for a Private client's upcoming Villa in Pune. The villa is on a hilltop, overlooking at lush green belt of undeveloped land.

The client is a Product Designer himself & wanted something very unique to showcase his collection of car scale models. He also has a collection exotic train models (operated with battery).

Due to the client's love for Jaguar and my undying love for the E-type, I proposed a design inspired by the Jaguar E-type as his Display unit.

With top & side elevation as the idea to structure the unit, the Display unit possesses 70+ odd sized pockets, which can be used to display the car models along with a few book's.

The space has been overall designed keeping in mind of an industrial look, with exposed AC ducts & the raw cement wall's.

Please Note -
The unit is a One-Off piece designed for the client, and DSP Design & Associates, Pune posses all design copyrights.

Rohan Verma
Product & Interior Designer Pune, India