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Adaptable and commercially aware Designer specialist (MA 3D Digital Design) with solid experience in design for big brands and individuals. Confident and capable of working in a creative environment to achieve exceptional results for clients. Is looking for a next role the design industry to build on experience and further career. Looking to join a company ideally 5 plus years.


SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS • Reduced 3D Design project costs by 10% as 3D Designer for KD Decoratives by monitoring and controlling stock. • Improved the efficiency of CAD set-up, reducing model development timescales by 66% as a CAD Designer for XL Refrigerators. • Has created designs on projects for Cadburys for the Olympics, Greggs the Bakers, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Spar, London Fire Brigade, 'Green Energy’ Tankers, Gist and Wolverhampton Football Club. • Created motorcycle design published in FHM Magazine (China) in 2008. • Developed innovative Greenhouse Design which was featured in London’s 2008 New Designers Show.

Experience & Education