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2001, Project "moon"

Do lollipops grow on trees?

In today's reality of gene manipulation, the answer might be yes!

What if we can integrate everyday products into the life cycle of a plant?
We could grow chop sticks as needles on pine trees...

And why stop there? Let's engineer whole plants to grow as chairs. All the essential elements to their existence are still there and in addition, you can sit on them comfortably.
You order the seed with the specific size, shape and color you want; grow it in your backyard or buy it fully grown.
There will be no production wastes and no polution, the only resources you need are water earth and light, if you throw it away it's 100% organic.

This path leads us back to mother nature, not as takers but as makers of a new and productive system that combines nature’s extraordinary power with visionary human technology.

Index Award – top nominee 2005

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Wotan Wilden
I offer you comprehensive advice for your corporate identity. München, Germany