Wojciech WESOLEK (PhD). Researcher and teacher at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (Poland). Leader and assistant professor in Means of Transport Design Studio. Defended his master's thesis on „Vehicles of the computer games world” with honors in 2008. He designed his first sailing yacht Huzar 28 with Tymon Butkiewicz from HUZAR-BOATS in 2008. The author of several projects and implementations of modes of water transportation that have been published repeatedly on the websites, scientific and trade press all over the world. In 2009 and 2010 Wojciech Wesołek was awarded with prestigious awards for a conceptual design of a sailing yacht WW 60 NET. It was a Grand Prix Machina Design 2009 and an honorable mention in an international Millenium Yacht Design Awards 2010 competition. In 2012 he was awarded a scholarship for outstanding young scientists by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for his designing achievements. After completing his PhD dissertation, he has started working on his research and design projects in cooperation with Wrocław University of Science and Technology and Wrocław Academy of Art and Design workers. Within the scope of that collaboration particular projects have been made, among others the „flat bottom boat with a specialized use design” and a “hybrid remote controlled multi-tasking robot for construction work” financed from the European Union Funds. Currently PhD Wojciech Wesołek is working on the conceptual designs and cooperating with designing companies and yacht shipyards. Since 2016 within the framework of „The Support Programme of the Partnership between Higher Education and Science and Business Activity Sector” led by Wrocław Academic Hub, he has been working on projects related to implementing modern industrial designing services in shipbuilding industry and developing utility and stylistic concepts of innovative passenger ships, yachts and cargo-passengers ferries designs. Together with his wife he has been raising three kids... and a cat. More info on: www.wwdesign.eu


Millenium Yachts Design Awards 2018 winner in professionals category (section A: new project). Machina Design Awards 2009 grand prix. Millenium Yachts Design Awards 2010 special mention in professionals category.

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