Sketching is my passion. My sketches get evolved every time I pick up the pen... I am product designer, have worked on varied domains, viz., Product Design, Transportation Design and Interaction Design. Currently, I'm exploring my interest area in Design Research. I'm working as Design Lead(UX & UI) at Infosys Digital. The purpose of this Coroflot acc is not to show my strengths but to show my progress. Many of my works published here are old, dated 2011, the time when I didn't have any clue of design and process. I still let them remain here because I want my visitors to see the transformation and development of my skills in these years. Note: I have brought down my latest portfolio from this account. For update, connect me on Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/in/ychetan) or email (chetan.yadav8 at yahoo dot in). Best, Chetan, Sep 26' 2016


IIT Delhi, Infosys Digital

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