Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated with the how and why of the everyday things around us, and I’ve continued to draw from this curiosity throughout my career. I’ve always been a bit of futurist dreamer and design has been my natural outlet; driven by the desire not only to see what’s around the next corner but have a direct hand in shaping our future. Whether through identifying needs, exploring new processes or the creative expression of form; design has always been at the core of my existence. This passion has guided me through the design of consumer products, sporting goods, footwear, and sustainable technologies; successfully creating products that hold a presence, convey meaning, and perform technically within a wide range of contexts. This experience has provided me an extensive toolkit for the design process and a genuine passion for the creation of great things. As an industrial designer, I’m attached to a legacy that hasn’t had the best environmental track record and has actually helped facilitate many of the environmental and sustainability challenges we now face. Despite the sins of our past, I believe the time for tears and guilt are over, and we need to shift our focus, utilize our talents and foster a new era for design based on responsibility, accountability, and innovation. Today we face an exciting and challenging time for design, and I’m glad to be part of it.

Experience & Education