Inspired by inner mechanical workings and passionate about conceptualizing innovative, variable disruptive, and simple solutions out of complex, futuristic, and unseen product and process projections. A maker and a creator to my core; I'm magnetic to inspiring opportunity where I can utilize my fascination and experience in both the design and technical sides of product creation. •Strong imaginative vision and detailed eye for design and innovation with a big picture mindset •Generative design skills + hands on explorative approach •Inspired by process, automation, and custom manufacturing progression •Motivated learner, eager to share perspectives and inspire those around me •Experience working cross directionally within design, innovation, computational design, and manufacturing both domestically and internationally •Optimistic, genuinely passionate, and sincerely ambitious Reach out: Berin.B.Design@gmail.com http://bdzind.tumblr.com/


Pensole Scholarship recipient 1 of 10 Students hand selected to receive a Scholarship to Pensole Footwear Design Academy based on a design submission, and win a trip to Las Vegas to attend and present at the FN Platform shoe show at MAGIC 1st place winner of the Industrial Design Scholarship Competition at The Art Institute of Portland.

Experience & Education