Hi my name is Nithin, I am 26 and i'm a Product Designer. I started drawing when my mom told me that if i did not draw she would ask the teacher to fail me in the first grade( where i studied drawing was a part of the curriculum as it is in many places). Ever since i enjoyed it and found it very hard to stop. Most of my design skills have come from a lot of trial and error and the mother of all knowledge - Google . I moved to Perth right after my 12th to pursue a career in design. i enjoyed my classes and grasped all the knowledge i could possible could from all the amazing lecturers i had there. After a 2 years diploma in design i moved back to India to attain a degree in Product Design. The experience has been amazing and i feel is worth every minute i spent on attaining it. I strongly believe that if there is anything that pays off its hard work . I do not fancy taking shortcuts as i feel i never get satisfied with such efforts. Late nights of work are very common in my day to day life. Like Eric Thomas said . " When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you will be successful". I firmly do believe the above statement. Apart from all this i love animals, A hardcore Dog person ... Cars and Bikes are my weakness, i love a variety of types of music ( really depends in the mood i am in ). I love outdoor sports, I have captained my college volleyball team for 2 years. Thank you so much for reading. Do drop by my profile and let me know pointers about my works. Constructive criticism is always accepted :) please don't be a stranger


Design Excellence Award by Zlab Designs , HongKong 2012 ( WInner of the Watch Design Challenge 2012 ) Malaysian Airlines Innovation Award 2012 Peoples Choice Award 2012 Class Topper Raffles Millennium International 2012

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