Product designer with combined management, engineering, industrial design and user interface experience who has worked across a broad spectrum of products; from high-volume, one-piece plastic part consumer products, to low-volume, sophisticated high-tech assemblies; as comfortable sketching as generating complex tooling-ready 3D files, while passionately engaged in the larger design narrative.


Golden A' Design Award 2013/14 - Good Design Award 2013 - Asst. Game Master; Superstruct, APF's "Most Important Futures Work of 2008", 2009 - Art Director for Emmy Award Winning MTV Virtual World Project, 2006 - Excellence in Design, Appliance Manufacturer Runner-Up, Kitchen Products, 2001 - Individual Achievement Award, Applica Consumer Products, 2000 - Ford Motor Company Industrial Design Scholarship, 1993-94 - Fisher-Price Industrial Design Scholarship, 1992-93 - Cleveland Institute of Art Competition Scholarship, May 1992 - General Motors Corporation Industrial Design Scholarship, 1991-92 - Navy Achievement Medal for Management of Ship's Overhaul, May 1987 - Navy ROTC Scholarship, May 1981


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