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  • Kory Lauver

    Game Designer - Producer - Artist

    Orlando, FL

Avid designer and player of video games. Diving into the production process is where I thrive, nothing is more exciting than working with a team to push a game beyond expectations.

Work Samples

  • Seagulls - Flying over the beach

  • Hollow - Leaving town

  • Tacopocalypse - Stunt car meets taco delivery

Work History

  • Producer / Artist / Designer

    Co-Founder of Cherry Pie Games. Producer / Artist / Designer on Hollow, Emmerholt and Tacopocalypse.

    - Created production schedules for all titles and managed all team members on a daily basis.
    - Managed all projects and contracts including keeping track of all member contributions and ensuring work is completed on time and within scope.
    - Contributed to production as the particle effects artist, greatly contributed to gameplay design with focus on creating systems from general ideas, and worked on aspects of programming.
    - Active in game jams and competitions winning several awards: Unreal Dev Grant Winner for Emmerholt and for Hollow we were the Microsoft //GameOn 2015 Winner and a Leap Motion 3D Jam Finalist.

  • Visual Effects Artist / Art Lead

    • Superscope
    • Sep 2014 - Dec 2014 (3 months)

    - Creation of all the particles in the game including hero abilities and environmental effects.
    - Creation of the logo of the game.
    - Importing and managing art assets in-engine.
    - Helped with the Art Style Guide and managing the art team's scheduling.

  • Producer

    • Inebriated Squirrels
    • May 2014 - Aug 2014 (3 months)

    - Creating and managing the schedule with focus on surpassing milestone requirements.
    - Keeping track of member contributions and ensuring work is completed on time.
    - Managing feature creep to prevent the project from growing beyond realistic scope.
    - Communicating between project leads and the executive producer on progress updates.
    - Keeping transparency between all departments to keep up with cross-department dependencies.
    - Updating documentation to keep up with all changes made throughout development.

    Additional contributions as artist include:
    - In-engine programming to automatically randomize color/texture of 3D models to add variety.
    - 3D model creation.
    - Assist in setting up an effective asset pipeline and importing the assets into engine.


  • University of Central Florida

    • B.A. Digital Media - Game Design
    • 2011 - 2014

    Education covered all the aspects of game design. Worked as a designer, programmer, artist and producer. Worked on projects with varied team sizes from 3-15 members.

  • Seminole State College of Florida

    • A.A. General Education
    • 2009 - 2011



Microsoft //GameOn 2015 Competition Winner - Hollow Leap Motion 3D Jam Finalist - Hollow Unreal Dev Grant Winnter - Emmerholt