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  • Marvin Papin

    Game and Level Deisgner

    Parthenay, France

Thanks to a wide - originality oriented - self education in Game and Level Design and heavy video game technical knowledge built from a strong degrees in design and engineering, I am oriented toward efficiency in development and player experience. Out of the big highways, I can offer a different eye over the gameplay and the way players will behave through a level. Based on years of video game industry analysis, I have the ability to make the choices that make a game special and more interesting for most people. But a project is mostly nothing without a team. The choice needs to also belong to it and the global emphasis and motivation is nearly even more important than design. Through all the projects I've been a part of, I learned much about anticipating the problems and avoid them as a member and a lead. Finally, being a late self taught programmer made me a better farseeing guy, by anticipating problems and give better technical solutions while having a "code detached" vision of design too.

Work Samples

Work History

  • Game Design + Unity3D Programming

    • Self-educated
    • Poitiers, France
    • Sep 2009 - Present (8 years 3 months)

    Even if I'm studying video game industry and more specifically development for a much longer time, I spent most of my spare time designing and learning core design of video games.

    Initially making concepts and - with my level design background - iterating to make something makable and highly interesting for the players.

    I learned how engines work. Rastering, shaders, animations in 2D or 3D, from modular design to mock-ups base design. I melt down the knowledge gathered to understand how studios proceed and the potential problems and success the could have face and the reasons of the development times.

    At Gamagora, outside the university context, I expanded my knowledge beyond and aside the lessons done there because this was far not enough for me. I began to learn unity and programming to make such special things.

    More recently, for the last 3 years, I learned programming in a deeper way, to iterate to make prototypes (that I'll keep in a corner for the moment) and clean coding.

    Now, I improved my design skill and made me able to code and design games by having tech feasibility in mind, by knowing how programmers are working and keeping myself far enough from progs thinking to think such an unconventional way.

    Blending all of this with the skills I gathered in the company I'm in, I think that I can jump inside a team to make such special and engaging games.

  • Management

    • Auto-Pièces 79
    • Parthenay, France
    • Oct 2011 - Jun 2015 (3 years 8 months)

    Restructuring work methods and bring a better vision and emphasis under extremely heavy constraints.
    Goal : Helping a company in difficulties about industrial organization in 2011.

  • Level Design

    • Self-educated
    • Poitiers, France
    • Apr 2006 - Sep 2011 (5 years 5 months)

    Empirically learning by iterating at different levels on designing maps for Far Cry Intsincts Predator (FCIP) and Little Big Planet.
    Building a fan base, a brand of maps and trying new theoretical principles.

    type : Modular deisgn.

    goals achieved :
    - Thinking differently
    - Maintain a fan base, by attending to their expectations and go beyond
    - Get over the classic level design codes learned in schools and applied in video game industry.
    - Get a better and more efficient view from Game Design without directly jumping in.
    - Get a better visibility over iterating in LD

  • Design

    • ECR-equipement
    • La Celle-Sous-Gouzon, France
    • Mar 2010 - May 2010 (2 months)

    Designing industrial large lift tools


  • Gamagora

    • Bachelor Game and Level Deisgn
    • 2010 - 2011

    Gamagora bets on making student jumps the best way into video game development constraints by specializing the 3 class : - Progammers - GD / LD - Artists and make them work together with usual development constraints. This school is more practical work oriented and involve various approaches and a strong final student project.

  • Universitary Institute of Technology of Poitiers

    • DUT (GMP) Management and Mechanical Engineering
    • 2007 - 2010

    French DUTs are strong and heavy technically based degrees blended with more general lessons. The DUT GMP from Poitiers goes twice beyond the program and is recognize through whole France for the adaptability of their students. It notably allows them to reach a very large range of schools in all industrial domains. Among the large range of lessons : - Project Management - Design - Ergonomics - Prototyping - Sciences (Physics, Materials, Electricity, Electronics) - nearly base Bachelor level Mathematic - base Bachelor level theoretical mechanics