Sony Webbie - Interactive display for two different Sony Mini DV cameras. Space for peg-able product and shelves for other cross merchandising items.
Sony OLED Display for Sony Style Stores - Twin OLED TV's emphasizing the thinness of the TV. Content is being delivered via a Sony Blu-Ray player. Brochures are stored above the Sony header.
Sony Headphones for Circuit City - Interactive display for Sony's headphones. Preloaded content can be listened to and the noise canceling ability of the headphones can be tested. 4ft and 5ft examples. Peg-able and shelving space considered for cross merchandising.
Sony Headphones Serpantine End-Cap for Best Buy - Using the interactive in-line headphone display I designed a Serp End-Cap for BB. Following strict standards for all graphic locations, height restrictions, and other specific parameters.
Samsung multi device display - Displaying three different systems in one space for Best Buy. Sound testing and TV viewing are possible at the press of a button.
Mitsubishi Laservue Banner - Singular sound re-directing banner for stores such as Tweeter, ABT, and other privately held electronics stores.
Gift Prints for Sam's Club Stores - Customizable display for Sam's Club Stores. Two different shelves allow for unique variations according to individual store needs while maintaining a strong tie to FUJI guidelines.
POP Design

Development of sometimes interactive POP Displays for Best Buy, Magnolia Center, Sams Club, Walmart, Circuit City, and other retailers.

Freelance, Full-time
Jonathan Smith
Senior Industrial Designer Nashville, TN