Bluetooth speaker concept work.
Bluetooth speaker final design product family. Included Home Dock with three wireless speakers synced to a charging base. A Bluetooth "boombox" concept with built in wireless charging. And a small Bluetooth enabled speaker that plugs directly into a wall outlet.
BEM speaker production models.
Cellular asset tracker designed to track location of valuable business assets in harsh exterior environments. Tracker features replaceable chemical battery pack to withstand environmental conditions which far outperformed previous models while also achieving superior wireless connectivity. Housing completely sealed to outside and features molded inlaid logo and IP67 rated LED readout and tactile button.
Sketch ideation for Bubba Brands thermal cup lid redesign. Lid needed to be more ergonomic and feature easy closure mechanism.
Production design for Bubba Brands insulated cup lid.
Device designed for startup company as add-on for older vehicles to provide crash detection and alert system with cellular communications to provide quick push button link to emergency response services.
Aftermarket GPS tracker installed in vehicle cigarette lighter port which provides vehicle location for business mileage tracking. USB interface used to download data onto computer to comply with business requirements.
Evermind elderly monitoring device designed to give people the luxury and convenience to live longer at home while easing concerns of loved ones. System consists of 3 wirelessly synced monitors which simply plug in between wall outlets and frequently used appliances. Usage is monitored for inconsistent patterns with cellular alerts being sent when appliances not used normally. Easy to install the system provides peace of mind that the person being monitored is active and safe.
Productions model wireless speaker dock for Apple devices designed for Griffin Technology. Speaker included 2 speakers which synced wirelessly to the charging base which features a built in Apple dock and remote. System operational range tested at over 150ft without drops or loss of audio quality.
Unpowered audio amplifier for Apple iPhone. Clear acrylic box uses a passive horn amplification system which is molded into the cavity of the device to increase volume of iPhone speaker. Phone held in place with removable molded rubber gasket to provide seal with unit as well as allow it to adapt to different device models.
Product Design
Blair Hasty
Industrial Design Manager Atlanta, GA