That's Entertainment

A sample of retail packaging (CD, Video, DVD) and renders, logo/ID marks, and site page design for entertainment industry companies PPI, Essex, and their subsidiaries.

Created in 1940, Peter Pan was once the largest and most successful children's specialty record label in America, notable for its series of book-and-record sets. In the 1990s, it established new divisions and imprints, and expanded into the blossoming fitness market. The company continues to release audio and video content, and is currently in the process of converting the music from its vaults into digital media.

Essex (ESX) Entertainment held and issued licensing and reproduction rights for more than a dozen different music catalogs, most notably Buddha Records and the Kama Sutra label. It released audio content in a wide variety of genres: rock, jazz, dance, classical, soul, big band, opera, and disco.

Freelance, Full-time
Duane Romanell
Creative Director / Art Director / Designer Little Falls, NJ