I am a graduated Industrial Design student at Shintaro Akatsu School of Design, Specializing in Design thinking, Design management, 3D Rendering, and 3-D Modeling. Along with an education in Industrial Design from University of Bridgeport, I received fine arts training from Long Island University which focused on improving my sketching skills to a professional level. I live and breathe visual arts and design, believing that all good design starts with people and the questions that drive us to create something that reflects a person's life and all their respected needs perfectly. With each project, I strive to create something that not only attracts, but compels, the attention from those I keep in mind when designing. My goal is to make something that fits that empty gap in our world, combining today's amazing technology and Human based design to solve problems so that we may create something that was always needed but never was made because an Inconvenient design became the norm. Good design is very much like art, in the way that it can perfectly capture and reflect someone's life/ needs and represent a beauty that we never even thought could be accomplished I believe that just because we have become accustomed to inconvenient design does not mean we shouldn't strive to make something even better.


Undergraduate Honorable Mention (Faculty Research Day) President's List of Academic Excellence Dean's List of Academic Excellence Certificate of completion of Hofstra Junior Law Program Recognition of Avid Volunteerism


IDSA- Student Chapter of SASD (Vice President) UB - Alumni

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