​​Jose Cunyat is Entrepreneur and Industrial Designer with over 6 years experience in Industrial Design, Manufacturing Capabilities and Communication Design. Always looking at Design as an overall service. Users are at the center of any work. Engaging and understanding them is the only way to create a product they will love. From need to solution. Jose work on projects that make life easier, change our behaviours and make us better. Doing products that become a important part of our life. Casemytech was founded after coming face-to-face with many start-ups and companies that were struggling to build their products, yet having a strong idea and a solid market fit. We have had the pleasure of working and see growing many of them. We focus on providing ready-to-manufacture solutions to companies who want reliable design and user experience. Working as your trusted product development team we listen your business ideas, values and concerns. We want both users and you to feel connected with your product. We believe is the only way to build a sustainable business.

Experience & Education