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"Christine’s passion for 3D design has brought her to Moss from an incredibly diverse spectrum of disciplines. After receiving her BFA from NYIT in 1998, she worked for a leading video game developer creating 3D models and animations. Later on she would find herself being trained in blacksmithing and metal working. Just prior to joining the Moss team, she designed exhibits and architectural interiors for Gilbert in New York. In her new role at Moss Inc., Christine brings an imaginative and forward thinking mindset while maintaining a realistic approach to production and fabrication." Interests: Conceptual Development, Fabric Architecture, Exhibits, Events, Stage Sets, Environmental Design, Experiential Design, 3D Modeling, Sculpture, 3dsMax, VRay, KeyShot, 3D Printing, Biomimicry, Parametric Design, Motion Capture, AR Experiences Don’t be shy. Say hello!


IFAI: 2015 International Achievement Awards (IAA) AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Moss Booth at Exhibitor 2015


ACM Siggraph, Motion Capture Society, Long Island Professional Sculptors and Supporters

Experience & Education