In the first round version of creative for this poster, Megamind was holding the Happy Meal box, but legal made us change it so the bot was holding it.
This Toy Merchandiser was entered in the 2010 POPAI - Design of Times Awards and won. Megamind is stealing the "hero" out of the Merchandiser display. The activation tactic of this particular Toy Merchandiser was using an untraditional way of displaying the toys to get the kid’s attention, while also giving them a glimpse into the storyline of the movie.
Crew Poster to show which toys are distributed on what weeks of the promotion.
Drive Thru Translite. Megamind is running off with the milk from the Happy Meal.
Megamind Happy Meal Packaging and Point of Purchase

2010 Dreamworks Movie: Megamind. Concepted, Designed, and Proofed the US and CA packaging and POP.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Daron Mitchell
Art Director / Graphic Designer Cleveland, OH