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I have considerable background in 3D and 2D production. Current work has been contract work with Sandisk creating high end renderings and animations for various uses. Marketing, internal design briefs, cmf interpretation to model makers and manufactures. I have been contracting with a Branding firm in SF for the past 4 years where a broad range of projects were assigned to me ranging from designing consumer packaging, tablet fixtures in nation wide retailers, assets for websites, to product visualizations. I have a BA in Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University. I have worked for a handful of bay area design firms in which 3D and 2D assets were needed. Mostly consisting of Structural Packaging Design, Point of Purchase (POP) firms in which flat work was translated to 3D displays and rendered out with semi photo realistic results. I have a very high level of knowledge of Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop.


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