Industrial Design explores the future of design, combining technology and science and integrating it into space that we use daily, making simple products look different, modern and practical in use. Guided by the goals and aspirations of the client, each project is approached with a fresh perspective that draws from the past to inspire the present and create the future. We design your dreams through our professional perspective, a unique and innovative touch for every idea. We believe that a successful design is a personal and exclusive project achieved with collaboration and innovation.


PRO INVENT XIV edition of the International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Inventions PRO INVENT, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, during the period 23-25th of March 2016, to be held at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. EURO INVENT European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation, Promotion of Inventions and Innovations, International Awards. http://www.dmitri-licichin.com/awards/

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