This page had a specific brief that it had to be identical to the page used in the web site. We managed to stick to the brief while also making it very usable.
Myplex for Samsung Smart TV (2012)

Myplex is a movie streaming service, available across a range of devices, from tablets to mobile phones to the computer screen.

This project’s purpose was to adapt the exisitng myplex design to the Samsung Smart TV (55 inch), which supports Apps through its proprietary app store.

The main challanges here were
1. adapting what was essentially a mobile based UI to a large screen
2. figuring out the navigation and keeping the app easy to use, since the Smart TV only allows input through the supplied remote.

This app was given " Silver Award " at the UX Design Awards in Bangalore this year.

ROLES PLAYED: Information Architecture > process flow and wireframing > screen mockups > specification and assets > UI testing and reviews

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Arpit B
PGd, BE, CUA Mumbai, India