"Concept for Self Realisation Fellowship Membership Portal" My team was asked to make a new member sign up for the Self Realization Fellowship. The challenge here was that their signup was very long, and even had a document that had to be physically mailed in.
Different color and layout concepts for the landing page
Different color and layout concepts for the "form" pages. We wanted them to feel warm and inviting.
Implemented design for Self Realisation Fellowship Membership Portal. We followed all the good form design principles we could think of, breaking fields down into meaningful sections, and multiple pages. Errors were displayed inline, and help was available inline where available. One of the additional things we did here, was that the code itself was modular. So the code used to make this form could be reused quite easily to make another, complete with error checking.
Another implemented design. Notice how we worked graphics into the parts we felt would confuse people. ( it was a requirement from their end to print and mail the pledge )
Visual Design Systems for Self Learning Fellowship (2013)

We were asked to design and develop a signup module for Self Realization Fellowship. The goal was to make it look friendly, look part of the same brand, and also be easy to use.

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