DISCOVER User understanding focused on what makes catamarans attractive? The sense of camaraderie created by working together to sail was vital. However many vessels separate the guests. Research gathered on the competitive landscape discovered that the captain is often removed from his company. The galley or kitchen, a natural gathering space in most homes, is tucked below deck apart from the living quarters in most crafts as well. A focus on a more inclusive environment began to form. Space is a commodity on a small vessel and became a second design opportunity, as families need a proper solution for water toys and crafts.
CREATE Designing a catamaran required understanding the interior and exterior surfaces and how one affected the other. Exploratory sketching studied all aspects and angles of the boat quickly alternating from internal layouts to exterior styling. Opportunities discovered in the Discover phase became elements to sketch and develop. Gathering and living space such as the galley and deck were focused on.
SOLVE The stow-away swim deck, a unique element, can be lowered into the water when anchored. The deck serves as storage for kayaks, surfboards and any other toys while stowed. The emphasis being on community it was critical the layout create an enjoyable experience. The captain was placed in the center of the sun deck, the primary gathering spot. A natural second gathering space, the bar, bridges directly to the galley inside via a large open window connecting interior and exterior space. This use of space allowed for 3 bedrooms and 2 baths each side mirroring the other.
Francis Fave
Product Designer @ Moose Toys Melbourne, Australia