CREATE Irwin Tools came to IN2 to design and conceptualize a Drill Bits Point of Sale Merchandiser for the Latin American market. Customer needs were reviewed to develop enhanced value. Ideation focused on capturing Irwin’s brand language and creating a visually striking product. Innovations to interior details such as shelving components and storage opportunities were investigated as well. Through client reviews with the key Latin market salesman and other members of the team we honed in on a design concept.
SOLVE New features were introduced such as easily reposition-able dividers on the shelves and a cubby space beneath; for the wrapping paper used when selling individual drill bits. To aid consumers replace worn bits a size chart was integrated into the foot. The display for drill bits on top of the product was ruled out from the final design due to cost and feasibility concerns brought up by the engineering team. The form was finalized in CAD development. Delivery of the surfaces and basic color, texture and materials specifications completed the project. The Irwin Drill Bit Merchandiser went on to win recognition from the Brazilian Marketing and Display Group as innovating within the POS space.
Francis Fave
Product Designer @ Moose Toys Melbourne, Australia