DISCOVER Kids II desired a space to contain baby while mom put her attention elsewhere for a moment. The solution would bring new features to the infant toy and/ or sleep market. Needing to empathize and understand the needs of a newborn’s mother in-depth research exploration was done. Tag-a-longs with moms on average days brought the team real world understanding. In person surveys in retail chains further discovered product needs and wants. All relevant competitive products were categorized and charted for features, price and success, providing a through market analysis. User scenarios profiled the consumers into three distinct market groups. Once saturated in user understanding ideation began.
CREATE With the directive of designing a ‘category killer’ sketches explored all avenues. An internal review had narrowed the concepts presented to the client but his interest in seeing everything resurrected overlooked ideas into the new concepts. Those sketches which were considered the most interesting and promising were taken into CAD for a first pass. Rough proof of concept models were built with the intention of further refining the one that rose to the top. The consideration of a swing with a new movement style captured the client’s imagination. Through some quick napkin sketches opportunities were suggested. The swing concept would be further developed to a final design concept.
UNDERSTAND The ‘dual action swing’ had captured the client’s imagination. Style and ergonomic refinement began on the concept. A short focused research exploration was executed to capture dimensions and features of competitive swings. Exploring solutions through a back and forth approach between rough sketches and CAD allowed for quick exploration while maintaining scale and reality. Focus was placed on a welcoming seat and a substantially sized motor housing. The new swing needed to live within the developed product line and share Kids II’s brand identity. The full line was reviewed stylistically, by feature and cost. Market suggestions for the new swing were made.
SOLVE The dual swinging styles bring the product to market with a strong differentiator. Moms are highly aware shoppers; the smart new features speak to their need to maximize use. Speed, and movement are very important in lulling a child. The adjust-ability of the swing allow mom to calibrate to baby’s wants. Incorporating other common features in a simple to use way such as the adjustable seat, removable tray, musical tunes and foldable leg exceeds their expectations.
Francis Fave
Product Designer @ Moose Toys Melbourne, Australia