DISCOVER Legrand sought IN2’s help to find a solution for cords to wall mounted flat screen TVs. Consumers want to conceal all wires as they have seen through media and advertising. Frustrations arise when met with the reality of implementation. Outlets are often not near the TV, running power cables through the wall is a fire hazard, and professional installations can be expensive. Additionally ‘Electrical Avoidance’ or the common inherent fear homeowners have that the task is done correctly, particularly when involving bare-wire connections, deters DIY electrical projects. These challenges turn a seemingly simple task of hiding wires into a frustrating installation project.
CREATE A solution had to be a simple plug-n-play system if it was to gain consumer acceptance. Removing anxiety from the entire process by eliminating the need to make any wired connections an industry-first technical innovation of over-molding the NM-B cable, the only cable rated for use in walls, was conceptualized and executed. The rounded form while unique in separating it from a typical home wall plate still complements its environment. It also allows for one simple round hole to be made with a hole saw rather than the cumbersome task of measuring and cutting a square to exact dimensions, following the design adage ‘form follows function.’
SOLVE With any DIY project it is best to provide all the tools and parts required. This drove the development of the ‘kit.’ Even a handle for manual cutting is included so no power drill is needed. Sales have skyrocketed. Success comes from the simple and safe installation method which eliminates all bare electrical connections, removing ‘installation anxiety’ and ‘electrical avoidance.’ Installation couldn’t be easier! Utilize the hole saw to cut two round holes. Easily secure the pre-wired power module within the top hole. Use the provided ‘fish tape’ to route the power and low voltage cables (such as HDMI) through the wall quickly. Complete the installation by clicking the male power plug into the bottom module.
Francis Fave
Product Designer @ Moose Toys Melbourne, Australia