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designer and fabricator of furniture and housewares. As a fabricator and designer, I understand what it takes to bring a project from initial concept to final installation. My experience as a designer lends me the ability to look at the larger picture of a project in order to effectively predict conflicts and address them before they become serious problems. I am able to apply aesthetic considerations to functional solutions to make beautiful things work. By drawing upon on-the-job and acedemic education, the background I have obtained allows me to communicate effectively with clients, contractors, and coworkers from design all the way to installation. I love a building challenge and thrive on high fit and finish jobs. I am committed to my craft and have dedicated myself to the mastering the skills of yesterday and tomorrow. I am just as at home at a CAD station designing for the latest 3-d printer or laser cutter as I am laying out with a string and scribe and cutting to my line with a hand saw. By focusing on being a maker and not solely a machinist, welder, carpenter, or drafter I am able to enrich my entire design and building process and bring the best techniques to my practice. since 2005 as a designer i have used my knowledge of building techniques and technologies in conjunction with my artistic and spacial sensibilities and historical perspective to give clients the very best concepts possible.


2002 California State Fair. First place and outstanding project for architectural model with plans. 2003 California State Fair. Third place and energy efficiency award.

Experience & Education