Hello, I began my artistic journey from a very young age. As a little boy I was drawing all kinds of airplanes and spacecraft, largely because I grew up next to an air force base. Throughout my youth I developed my skills by taking classes for Life Drawing, Air Brushing, Still lives, and Pottery. The summer before my senior of high school I flew to LA to attend a summer program at Otis Parsons College of Design. This is where I fell in love with idea of going to art college and I also could compare my skills to others across the country. I attended the College for Creative Studies (Detroit, MI) where I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Transportation Design). With the competitive nature and high talent levels of the Transportation program there I was heavily challenged and pushed to develop my art/design skills to compete at a high professional level. After college I've been blessed to work for multiple consultancies and design firms across the country. Working with teams to design products for some of the biggest companies in the world (Nike, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Callaway, Golf, etc..). For the past year I have been focusing my efforts on branching out on my own and starting my own design studio (www.hughes-studios.com). Stay tuned!


-1st Place Arvin Meritor winner College competition. (Dec. 2000) -1st Place APBA Chrome competition winner. (Spring 2001) -2002 GM Scholarship -2001 Ford Scholarship -2000 Chrysler Scholarship -1999 CCS College Scholarship.


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