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INTERIOR DESIGN FOR REAL FASHION LOVERS! “I create my projects with passion and love in heart. I dress my interiors like fashion designers dress womans. I feel every detail and born all with love. I love everything related to design, architecture, lighting, fashion industry and arts. I'm interested in: psychology, sociology and not a standard approach to conducting business, advertising, PR, marketing and much more. And I dream give some part my love and positive emotions to all people when I create my projects around world...” Julia Vin RESIDENTIAL & RETAIL DESIGN AROUND WORLD! We - JULIA VIN interior studio based in Ukraine and create our projects around world more than 14 years. Our main goal this is create very special and individual fashion interior. We do not just create interiors – we create lifestyle. Fashion world inseparably interconnected with interior design. Our interiors this is dream reflection our clients and last trends in fashion and interior design. We create dream, unique and special world with love in every detail … We can create for you your FASHION DREAM INTERIOR and implement this interior design project in real life! Everything begins from DREAM! So many people - so many different dreams! Which one is yours? Let's dream together! Please all proposal send in our mail: juliavin.ivanova@gmail.com


ArchiContest 2009, Moscow, Special Prize, nomination ArchiDecision. Estee Lauder Contest 2017 - winner

Experience & Education