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I have been designing and producing exhibits, branded interiors and experiences for 27 years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to be involved with a very diverse array of creative projects spanning several industries. I am extremely passionate about design and it is evident in both my work and the way I communicate my solutions. My professional journey has taken me across a wide range of design disciplines. Applications across a diverse portfolio of trade shows, museums, broadcast sets, briefing centers, branded interiors and mobile marketing allow me the insight to produce solutions that serve the functions of their objective and inspire the innermost sense of aesthetic and creativity. However, the creative process does not end on the drawing board. It continues with the production, execution and realization of the project. Across my career, I have the opportunity the manage and execute many such projects. I have worked with fabrication partners, architects, designers and sub-contractors to bring many projects to fruition while managing client expectations, timelines and budget parameter to ensure a successful completion.


2019 Exhibitor Bronze Award - Island Exhibit 2019 Skyline Design Awards - Designers Choice Award 2010 ProMax BDA - Gold Award for Set Design/Local Broadcast

Experience & Education