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I am a designer with a BA (hons) transportation and product design degree. Graduated from Coventry University 2005. Interested in freelance/consulting projects, full/part time employment within the: - Automotive/yacht design industry - General industrial design projects. - 3D modelling styling projects. - Furthermore interested in board membership. Since my graduation, I have been self-employed and completed several industrial design consultant projects. Roug Design is a design consultancy company that offers styling projects to cars, trucks, yacht design and 3D modeling. In addition to transportation design, Roug design also offers design projects in the industrial design market. Software - Generally a Mac user, but can work on Windows platform. • Alias studiotools • KeyShot • Photoshop • InDesign • QuarkXpress • Dreamweaver • CorelDraw • Illustrator • iMovie • MS Office Do not mind to linkup. If I do not know you, please tell me who you are, and why you would like to network, please do NOT send standard Linkedin invitations. If you are interested in networking, you can for instance go into my website and from there send me an e-mail or call me to introduce your self first please. Not interested in unsolicited Linkedin invitations with out a personal message. Please contact me only in English or Danish. Standard invitations in other languages ​​will be deleted or reported as spam. Specialties: Design, art, ergonomics, 3D modelling, styling and renderings

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