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As a kid, Lisa built LEGO empires for her Star Wars action figures and drew costumes for the aliens she saw on Star Trek. Encouraged by her creative family to follow an artistic path, fashion design seemed like a solid choice. But after a year in the fashion industry she discovered she was more Gund bear than Gucci bag. Happily, she joined the little family of toy design and never looked back. The years spent at Mattel, Disney, and as a freelance designer have turned her into a complete toy nut. Today, Lisa lives in Los Angeles with her husband , their twin girls* and a dog named George (that she swears is cuter than Boo), and a house full of toys. *due to the afore mentioned twins, Lisa is taking a break from freelancing for awhile. Please contact Jaime Tracht-Heath - she's AMAZING and can help you with any design needs! http://www.coroflot.com/JaimeTracht

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