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Product development director, passionate about Toys and FMCG Developing new exciting and inspiring products. Zileej is an inspired innovation company. We design brands, products & experiences for clients that share the vision of enabling a bright shared future for everyone. We identify innovative ideas and bring them to life through research, Design Thinking, a strong product development team, and capability to create and launch original brands and experiences. Zileej is able to help clients stay ahead in a changing economic landscape that continues to experience disruptions through new technologies and trends. With headquarters based in Dubai, Zileej is a truly international company with a team spanning from Australia to Finland. Our company structure is forward-thinking in embracing technology to keep our geographically dispersed team connected. The diverse perspectives from our creative, agile, and global team of experts enables us to arrive at remarkable outcomes


First Prize. 6th design competition International Furniture Fair . Valencia Selected. ADI_FAD Medals BCN Gold Medal “ The good Toy Guide” (UK) of the Year Award. Australian Toy asociation Awarded toy. The good Toy Guide and BBC Toy Box magacine

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