Early environment concept for a Theater
Devil Kiss bottle designs
Murder of Crows bottle designs
Pod designs for Patriot deployments from Battleship zeppelins.
Shotgun designs
Flak cannon designs
Revolver designs
Possible upgrade designs for revolver ( ammo increase )
Machine gun designs
Sniper rifle designs
Pistol design
Early design for grenade launcher with over heating system.
Early ideas for the Skyhook
Functionality designs for Gatling gun
Early mortar designs
Rocket launcher design
Old rocket launcher designs
Old turret designs
early belt design to support firing of rocket launcher.
Turret designs
portable log designs
Early design for backpack to be used around the floating city of Columbia
transport design to carry trailers around skylines
Bioshock Infinite

Senior Concept Artist
Created weapons from concept to final 3D models for over 15 weapons.
Responsible for additional 3d asset concepts and 3D models for narrative objects like keys, bottles, locks and security systems.
Kept to a strict schedule to stay on deadline
Regular reviews with Creative Director.

Mauricio Tejerina
senior artist Kittery, ME