Sagan Class, from the Picard TV show known as the Stargazer.
Miracle worker Scott ship orthos
Miracle Worker Scott ship in game.
Ferasan Slithus ship orthos.
Monitor Class, Designed a new Pod / Bridge that players can customize.
Thenkethi Battleship ship orthos
Matsumoto Federation Ship.
Lethean Xechas ship orthos
Klingon Scarcophagus ship in game
Klingon Scarcophagus ship orthos
Cardassian Science Dreadnought ship concepts
Cardassian Science Dreadnought ship orthos
Hathos Escort War bird ship concept
Star Trek Online

I Worked building 3d models and materials for ships for Star Trek Online. In some cases, I would build interchangeable parts and materials so ships could be customized. I did Intake on 3d ship models build by external artists, this involved setting up ships for full customization. In some cases, I worked with high resolution models from the Star Trek tv show and that needed heavy optimization so the geometry could be used for the game.

I Also made concept art for the development of some of the ships.

Mauricio Tejerina
senior artist Kittery, ME