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I am an industrial designer, engineer, and conceptual artist from Japan, currently living in London. Artifacts that reach out to form relationships have always fascinated me. Whether it is furniture, architecture, art, or a piece of machinery, I find that there is a conceptual beauty in experiences that are well thought out. They have encouraged me to create design that demonstrate deep understanding of its role in our everyday lives. My work involves creating new ways of thinking. Across a variety of different projects, I’ve tried to distill the essence of my thinking into the objects and experiences I create. I found my focus to be very versatile, enabling me to imagine new creations and solve a variety of different kinds of problems. My approach is deeply rooted in my plural upbringing and as a result I’m attracted to different kinds of culture. By examining its essential qualities, I found different cultures to reveal a variety of values, dreams and different ways of thinking and has formed the foundation for my work. As a result, I’ve tried to maintain a strong emphasis on Design for Meaning. Find out more at masayukikishi.com

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