My passion for design is matched only by my levelheaded approach toward business and new product development. By blending my skills in industrial design with strong business acumen, I hope to propel business by creating products that customers love by focusing on their latent needs and emotions. My belief in truth in materials carries the customer’s expectations through to the performance of the product, ultimately building the brand through repeat purchases. My goals are to bring my experience and love for design to a company that shares this passion, and to help build a team of leaders. Specialties: Sketching, Branding, User Research, Human Factors, Marketing Research, Brainstorming Moderator, Managing Expectations, Managing Feature-Creep, Focusing on the Big Picture, Negotiation, Licensing Expertise, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Multitasking, Passion for Design, Design Management, Competitive Research, Consumer Research


• Winner of 2006 Disney Innovator of the Year- Houston Harvest • Featured in “Top Ten Back to School Products” in Women’s Day- August 2009 • 4.73 GPA Honor College Graduate- University of Illinois at Chicago



Experience & Education