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I’m a multidisciplinary designer and manager with over 10 years of experience. My main specializations are branding and brand identity, but recently I was rather focused on leading creative teams. Currently working as a CEO and Creative Director at my own design studio. Creative and originative, in love with handmade typography and sharp, raw, minimalistic shapes. AIGA contributor. Open for new business perspectives, as well as a full-time job (totally open for relocation, especially to the US, Canada or DACH)


• 7 graphic design (branding) projects featured on Behance • 2 interaction projects featured on Behance • 1 project featured in Pantone Canvas Gallery on Behance • 1 project featured in AIGA Member Gallery on Behance • 2 projects featured on "Packaging of the World" • Branding project featured in "Enjoy your Stay - Branding for Hospitality" (Hong Kong) • Branding project featured in "BranD Magazine" (Hong Kong) • "Most Loved" award on One Page Love



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