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A diligently tailored convergence of cross-functional experience and training forms a skill-set that is indispensable for application in a leadership roles that thrives on fast-paced, creative problem solving and resourcefulness. Considered “the guy who could walk on water” by his prior employers, has a reputation of delivering what exceeds the expectations to create the unexpected. Never afraid of taking a bold step (or two) and sail the uncharted waters, has the courage and passion to DO whatever it takes to finish the task assigned. A mix of skills that includes the ability to think new and in depth combined with natural talent of problem solving, a heightened sense of aesthetics and an unparalleled urge to succeed, enables delivery of results that strive for perfection and the WOW.


1) Finalist - Next Gen PC design 2006 - www.startsomethingpc.com 2) Winner - Next Gen PC design 2005 3) Finalist - DPPI 2005 -http://www.wellness.tue.nl/ 4) All India Rank - 13 in CEED2002 5) Scholarship award - IITD, New Delhi 6) Scholarship award - GCA, Lucknow

Experience & Education