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Hands-on Product Developer | Account Manager | Studio Manager Offering innovative Consumer Products oppertunities and Creative Solutions for Business Development. I help people and companies to take undeveloped ideas and transform them into concise, well-defined consumer-oriented concepts that lead to viable brand product, images and strategies. Do you have a special product idea that you always wanted to develop, but didn't know who could build it for you? We can help in making your vision a reality. Vision Statement: Striving to conceive and prove out world class innovative concepts that achieve and exceed todays transportation and consumer product aesthetics, form and fuctions that overreach standards beyond state-of-the-art. Facilitating Investor's, Entreperneur's, OEM's, Manufacture's, and Inventor's looking for talent to develop innovative concepts into profitable business opportunities. I am available now for hire. Seeking work, contract opportunities, special projects and new ventures. Seeing is Believing! View my automotive and product portfolio @ coroflot and my studio tour and product videos @ vimeo. In my contact info - websites linkes. TALENT SKILLS EXPERTISE Experience in Automotive and Truck Concepts, Production and Aftermarket Products; Expertise in Aerospace Tooling; Composite and Sheet Metal Part Fabrication; Medical/Composite Wheel Chairs; Contract Seating; Hi-Performance Bicycles; Riding Toys and Hand Grip Systems Management of Design - Models - Tooling - Prototypes - Production •Design sculpting, hands-on concept brainstorming •Proof of concept models and demo prototypes •Produce and fine tune the production design resulting in saving time-to-market •Proven ability to manage and execute concepts through production release •Extensive experience in hand grips, touch zones and seating human factors Product development training and clay / hard modeling instructor


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Adjunct ID, Model Making and Design Sculpting Instructor @ the College for Creative Studies & Lawrence Tech. University

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