I love solving problems- problems for the consumer and and the brands I've worked for. I've been helping various brands break into new categories and re-establish other foundations since 1997. Innovative product doesn't just occur, it's the result of thinking through the issue at hand, working through solutions and following through proper steps to make concepts and ideas become something tangible. I understand these steps and know how to execute the design process; The products that I've designed that have made it to market reinforce this belief. Granted, the design and development process is only one part of making a successful products real, but it is an important part. I helped Teva by designing their first closed toe and insulated products back in early 2000...They're now much more than a sandal brand with a few shoes...but a complete brand. I'm glad to have played a role in that change. When I met with LFI's Product Development team in the fall of 2003, they thought that my design style might be too athletic for their brand...but in the first season, I took what I understood about their brand to help design the Danner TFX platform and corresponding uppers. In 2005, the Instigator was released, in 2006, the GTX 453 was released...as well as versions of that platform in uniform and work. Products in that series are still in line today. Designing products that help brands forge a new direction, yet stand the test of time, is something that I've always strived to do. Assessing a brand's equity in the market, then combining that with new manufacturing techniques and current trends, helps create solutions that meet the needs of the consumer as well as provide the foundation for what's to come for that brand. I currently am a Senior footwear designer for Wolverine helping the brand forge a bold, new design direction as I work in a number of categories in footwear in a wide range of retail prices. I enjoy the process of design and savor seeing an idea come to fruition, but I value the people and relationships that I've gained within the industry more than any project I've ever worked on. I'm thankful for the many friends and connections I've gained in the 20 years that I've been in the footwear industry.


Designed Backpacker magazine's 2006 Best Buy, 2005 Running Network's Best Buy and 2002 Polartec's Apex Footwear Award

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