Microsoft Office 365 Benchmark Series

Huge project including: cover and interior design for 24 plus textbook publications and online learning management system lessons and features design.

Design chosen was my Frank Lloyd Wright theme in which I incorporated the "father of the modern office" and his many beautiful structures with the classic stained-glass windows and arts and crafts movement. Though it is from time past, I felt this was an interesting and useful across many titles approach to make this Office series stand out, look pleasing, and use color as the differentiation between the titles for each application. This program design won a 2018 American Graphic Design Award. My other original concepts are attached here as well in a pdf at the end. One illustration was purchased, and I made color revisions to each Ai file.
Publication date 2020. Other original concepts attached.

Full-time, Moonlighting
Valerie King
Experienced Creative Graphic Designer Saint Paul, MN