By day, I am the Sr. Graphic Designer at Skyline Sector 5. I've worked with clients such as Airbus, Galderma, GameStop, and Ericsson. At Sector 5, I was part of the Branding Task Force, where I work on the company's rebranding (formerly Skyline DFW), marketing, and R&D for new technologies for our branded experiences. Previously, I worked as a freelance graphic designer and production artist where I worked with companies such as Neiman Marcus, Reuters, Study Island, Centex, and JC Penney. I also spent time at various agencies such as Ivie & Associates, Veritas, Concussion, and Tic Toc. By night, I'm an illustration artist. I work on my own arts as well as some freelance work. I've worked with musician, artists, trade shows, political groups, art advocates, and non-profit organizations. I exhibit at comic book, sci-fi, and anime conventions. I collaborated with a few of my comic book peers under under Space-Gun Studios, where I produced various projects such as a digital comic, a print anthology, and a nation wide marketing event. Train by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night! All day!

Experience & Education