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I am a graphic designer at Enseo, located in North Texas. I received two college degrees in art and do freelance design/branding work in addition to my current full-time employment. I take pride in learning new techniques, software and self teaching in addition to formal education. As an example of time management and discipline, I completed my entire college career with honors while working full-time at Advance Components. I love communicating visually with others. For me, it's the most effective way to express myself. It's important for me to be as versatile as possible with my art. Traditional art is my background, but I use that experience and apply it to graphic design, photography, and 3D modeling. I believe one needs a strong foundation, and mine are the basic elements of art: line, shape, color, form and texture. Although I received my bachelor's of art with honors, it's important for me to always learn as much as possible through self teaching and experimentation. This hands-on approach helps me to be an efficient fast learner. Specialties: Graphic design, photography, Adobe's creative suite, 3D modeling with Maya and Z Brush and traditional art (drawing, painting). Some academic experience with HTML5 and CSS3


Honors Graduate within the school of Arts & Humanities.


University of Texas at Dallas

Experience & Education