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Over the course of five years, I have been involved in thirty-one academic research papers (100,200,300 &400 level) leading, teaching and developing the talents of over one thousand young designers and artists. My interpersonal skills have allowed me to impart my professional experience and skills in Research, System Design, Product Design, Model Making and film editing. During this time, I have consistently demonstrated a history of academic writing, successful research and system design and winning numerous international design awards. My work in product system development culminated in my recent Master of Design with distinction. The success of this research project is reaffirmed by its embargo until 2019 while commercialisation options are explored.


M.Des with distinction B.Des - Majoring in Industrial Design. (1st C.Hons) ADG 2013 - Nominated for Best Art Direction in a feature film for my design work on The Hobbit trilogy.

Experience & Education